Acts for Hire

Fliptease specialise in circus entertainment and aerial spectacle. From concept circus acts, shows and aerial installation. Acts and shows can be divided into two categories: Aerial and Ground.

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Aerial Acts available include:

  • Trapeze (static): A trapeze bar which does not swing. The aerialist performs a wide range of movements including balances, drops, hangs, and strength and flexibility manoeuvres on the trapeze bar and in the ropes supporting the trapeze. Can involve one or two performers.
  • Lyra: A steel hoop or ring suspended from the ceiling, usually about the size of a hula hoop, on which to perform aerial acrobatics. Can be used static or spinning
  • Tissu: An aerial apparatus made from a length of fabric in various colours and with varying amounts of stretch. The aerialist climbs up and down the fabric, wrapping sections around the body to hang, drop and slide during the performance.
  • Spanish Web: rope hanging from above, used to perform aerial acrobatic manoeuvres while spinning.
  • Cloudswing (static): large u-shaped loop of rope suspended from rigging points in the truss and used in aerial acts.

Ground Acts:

  • Hula hooper : artist hula hoops splitting up to 5 hoops on different parts of her body finishing with a 60 hoop spin.
  • Strong Woman: Miss Gail Force bends steel, rips phonebooks, breaks nails and hangs by her incredibly strong feet.
  • Juggling (solo or duo) can include props such as clubs, knives, balls and rubber chickens.
  • Partner or trio Acrobatics Acrobats balance on one another performing acrobatic tricks.
  • Balancing chairs (solo or duo) An acrobatic display, chairs are stacked with the artists balancing precariously in handstand positions.
  • Fire performers can include fire staff, hula hoop, fire torches, juggling, or body burns. Risk assessment plans can be requested.
  • Air Runners

Stay tuned for our Water Show products and Aerial Installation guide.