Frequently asked questions

I want to have an aerialist at my next event. What do I need?

A flat surface and suitable height is all you need. There are three ways aerialists can perform at your event.

  1.  In a venue with suitable rigging points and a minimum height clearance of 5m
  2.  On one of our free-standing aerial rigs which range from 4.5 – 7m in height and are suitable for venues without rigging capabilities and outdoor events. See our free-standing aerial installations for more information.
  3.  On a ground based aerial apparatus, also known as a Lollipop.  See our free-standing aerial installations for more information.

Fliptease provides an in-house insured advanced rigger for any and all performance rigging in our performances, which is included in all quotes and costings unless otherwise specified.

Do you have Public Liability insurance?

Yes, it is mandatory for all performers to have Public Liability Indemnity (PLI). Fliptease can provide a copy of relevant PLI with a Policy limit of $20 million and Workers Compensation (WC) cover notes on request. In cases of family based entertainment and workshops Working With Children Checks (WWC) are also provided.

Can you provide risk management plans?

Yes, Fliptease can provide site specific risk management plans and SWMS.  Safety is our priority for our performers and spectators.

Do you provide circus workshops/ teaching services?

Yes, we love running circus workshops. Our workshops are especially suited to space activation, school groups, community activations and corporate team building days.  Please contact us to request a quote.

Other than shows and acts, do you provide any other services?

Yes, outside of the event and entertainment services listed in our What We Do section, Fliptease artists have been booked as models, artists, film extras, riggers, designers, circus and creative directors, choreographers and occasional stunt work. We regularly look for ways to engage our artists both creatively and professionally across many industries.

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