Aerial Installations

Walk in statements and performance installations are a fantastic method of creating instant atmosphere for guests and audiences on entry to a space, ballroom or even outdoor festivals. Fliptease have a wide array of longer aerial installations ranging from quick to put up freestanding aerials to more complex rigged installations.

Freestanding Aerial Installations: The Lollypop Lyra Series

One of our most popular performance items include the Lollipop Lyra series for venues without rigging.

With three types of apparatus to choose from, we can provide short feature performances all the way up to longer installations for ambient performance and room reveals.

Ask for:

  • The Lollypop Lyra
  • The Petite Cresent Moon
  • The Prisms

Heights range from 3.05 to 3.5 meters, with a footprint of 2.5m.


Bigger Aerial Installations: Free Standing Rigs

If you have the space and height you can always go bigger!

Aerial Moon Feature Presentation for Brookfeild Lights. – Photo courtesy of Johannes Reinhart

Fliptease has 2 adjustable freestanding rigs that can span between 4.5 and 7 meters.

From large crescent moons to floating bathtubs, an aerial installation can really make a splash at any night of nights.

  • Perfect for outdoor events or large spaces.
  • Eye-catching and dressable structure.
  • All quotes include installation by an advanced qualified rigger



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