Traditional Aerial Acts

To acrobats perform on an aerial lyra Duo Aerial Hoop performance for Artra 2017.

Aerial Acts and Show Packages

Fliptease offers a range of traditional aerial acts and show cases.  Our performances can run from a few minutes through to a full aerial extravaganza or mixed circus and aerial show.  Feature acts on offer include:

  • Spanish web
  • Corde’lise or rope
  • Static trapeze
  • Tissu (also known as silks)
  • Aerial hoop (solo and duo)
  • Aerial cube
  • We can even fly our favourite harpist in the air!

Not all venues have rigging capabilities available to them. If you’re event is outdoors, or your venue does not have rigging options, we have other solutions such as our free-standing adjustable rigs that can help make your vision a reality.  For more information see our free-standing aerial installations. 

Got a big idea? Let’s get started.

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