Christmas Postcard Commission

15th April 2015 | , ,

Late 2019, we were approached by a client to create a Santa reveal in an unusual space.

We love Christmas and after an in-depth conversation and planning discussion with the client, agreed that the concept could be executed by creating a magical, live Christmas card, reminiscent of Follies Show

As we were working with a stair case, every care had to be met and planned for the safety of performers and audiences.

The end result?

18 performers, one stair case and a beautiful picture postcard moment.

Background information:

This program was turned around in 4 weeks. With the client we worked together to craft a unique solution to making the space work with limited technical support or lighting . The key drive was to ensure that the audience had a joyous and memorable experience around the presentation. Once we had explored and presented our concept, our client delivered a very clear brief which helped us to execute the final concept in a short turn around time.


Feature photo captured by Johannes Reinhart at the event.


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